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abergavenny, wales

In a world where most things are mass produced and manufactured, we believe in a slower and more sustainable way of living. We work with handmade, cotton paper and lots of textured goodness through the technique of letterpress to create lasting, subtle impressions. Our aim is to create greeting cards and stationery products that last more than just the moment of being read and thrown in the bin right away. The goal is to create beautiful, timeless, letterpress luxe cards that people will want to frame as keepsakes and memories for years to come!

The story behind the business
Meet Belinda Love Lee

Having recently just moved from Toronto, Canada to Abergavenny in Wales, I specialize in unique yet understated- hand lettering, logo design, and letterpress goods. I'm best known for my hand drawn simplicity, effortless-esque aesthetics and my love for quality paper textures! I originally started off as a branding and design studio and after having outsourced my letterpress printing for years, I one day decided to research printing letterpress in house, and thus the dream of Belinda Love Lee Paperie was born!

The more I researched into the antique printing technique, the more I fell in love with the process of it all. From having to hand feed the paper into the press, to powering the press by foot, to loading the ink by hand- I feel in love with the nature of how hands on it all is. Especially in a day and age where everything is so technological and digital, that antique hand made element fascinated me.

And so the search for an antique letterpress began, and as they are quite rare, it was a good search but I happened to find one just outside of Toronto, Canada (we were living there at the time) in Buffalo, USA a 1912 Chandler and Price, we drove an hour down to pick it up! From there my stationery line began! I wanted something that was simplistic, timeless and luxe. A line that wasn't overly busy, with graphics, and the need to change each season. I landed on the inspiration of the origins of letterpress, where it all began, when pressmen use to set each letter of each sentence by hand!

The simplistic nature of just the letters doing the talking began our signature look! From Toronto, we then recently moved to Wales in December 2022, and I couldn't leave this 1912 press behind, and so this 1000lb (no exaggeration) cast iron press, got shipped all the way over from Canada to the UK with us! And so the letterpress journey of Belinda Love Lee Paperie ventures on!

founder Credentials

  • Asian Owned Business
  • BIPOC Owned Business
  • Female Founded Business
Belinda Love Lee


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