Billy The Kid

South London

Living and working in London, I initially made art as a hobby to bring life, humour and colour to my own walls and as an outlet to clear my mind.

Billy The Kid was created with the aim to make your walls happy. It's something different; something that starts a conversation and hopefully makes someone smile.

The story behind the business
Meet Billy The Kid

Billy blends everyday sayings with older phrases and rhyming slang to create humorous, pieces that bring a mix of wit and pure joy to walls all over the globe. Combining visuals, personification and wordplay, Billy creates pieces with a thought-provoking message that make the viewer stop for a second.

He finds humour and solace in the English language. With an interest in etymology and the general evolution of language, his ideas often come from reading old texts, idioms, and listening to things children say.

He’s also big fan of double-entendres.

Inspired by classic typographic signage, today his distinctive, typographic style aims to bring a smile to the viewer. As every piece is hand-drawn, the thought may be the same, but each execution is bespoke to its owner.

founder Credentials

  • Socially Positive


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