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Dead Mary's


All my furniture is designed and made by me out of trees that have fallen or been felled from in and around london.

I like to create things that are elegant but do not take themselves too seriously. Playful yet simple design made with a utility and longevity in mind.

Original ideas for furniture and products.

Proudly independent

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The story behind the business
Meet Dead Mary's

Mary was a spirited woman who travelled the world collecting furniture, clothes and experiences along the way. I met her in France. By then an old and tenacious woman, I looked after her, listened to her stories and recounted them to my friends. Her house told the story of her life. The furniture gathered from her travels, uniquely familiar and timeless. Her style had a simple playful elegance, it spoke of quality and character. When Mary died she left me some of her things. I wore her clothes and walked in her shoes. Everyone asked me “where did you get that? Its beautiful”. My reply, “It’s dead Mary’s”.

My creations reflect my curiosity with the way in which made things endure through the lives of people. Great furniture doesn’t just live one life it exists and gets passed on through many.

founder Credentials

  • Female Founded Business
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