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swannington, norfolk

Hello, I'm Jude, a designer, illustrator, and printmaker with a passion for designing distinctive greetings cards and limited-edition prints. Incorporating the enduring essence of vintage design and popular culture, my creations evoke nostalgia and memories of people and places. Using expressive marks and bold design, I bring everyday objects to life, celebrating their timeless beauty. My goal is to create pieces that establish a connection with others, hopefully bringing a bit of joy and happiness into everyday lives.

The story behind the business
Meet Design Smith Studio

I'm Jude Smith, founder of Design Smith, merging my love for design and creativity to craft unique greeting cards and prints. Despite minimal qualifications and little school encouragement, I initially pursued horticulture for two decades but transitioned into IT, discovering my design talent. Overcoming obstacles, including cancer, I earned a first-class design degree. My passion for illustration grew, leading me to printmaking and art design using my iPad Pro. I draw inspiration from vintage design and popular culture, creating nostalgic pieces. My aim is to forge connections that bring joy to others through my designs.

founder Credentials

  • 50s Plus Founder
  • Female Founded Business
  • LGBTQIA Business


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