Harewood Homeware

Bournemouth, Dorset

Hello, we're a father (Gary) and son (Tref), designer and maker duo.

We create timeless pieces, with a playful twist - often using rare materials to ensure you won't find treasures like ours anywhere else.

We want to help you add even more fun and personality to your playful home, through our one-of-a-kind handmade furniture pieces.

The story behind the business
Meet Harewood Homeware

Hello, I'm Tref and together with my Dad Gary, we're on a little adventure with our family furniture business - Harewood Homeware.

Harewood (the name of the road the family home is on) was born out of a love of design and making, along with a frustration that we couldn't find the unique and playful products we wanted in our homes. And so we got to work...

But we’ll level with you. We’re not out to conquer the world. We’re a small family business. Whose focus is on getting better, rather than bigger.

Creating a business that works for us, instead of the other way around. And so yep, we’re a fair old way away from the mainstream world of mass-market retailers.

Vivienne Westwood had it right: “Buy Less. Choose Well. Make It Last.”

That’s the world we want to be living in. Come get involved…

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