Portrait of Katy Eccles, the founder of Imprint Casts

Imprint Casts


Hi, my name is Katy and I am the maker behind Imprint Casts. I am a botanical casting artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland with a green fingered mum who inspired, and founded, Imprint. I specialise in wedding bouquet preservation but also create bespoke collections for interiors designers and stockists, as well as my own web shop offerings made from flowers grown in my mums beautiful garden.

All of my casts are made plaster using fresh flowers and foliage hand-picked from the garden and surrounding woodland.

The story behind the business
Meet Imprint Casts

It was my inspiring mum, Sue, who first learned the casting technique during an afternoon workshop in London with the artist Rachel Dein. What started as a personal project to cast her own stunning garden in Fife, has grown arms and legs in the last four years.

Imprint Casts, the business, was born from an increasing demand from friends and family for her botanical tiles. I took over from her in 2020 and now manage all the making, sales, marketing, and everything else (small indie business wearing all the hats type situation!) but still need the nod of approval from the matriarch before signing off on any casts.

founder Credentials

  • Disabled Owned Business
  • Female Founded Business
Imprint Casts


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