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Jade Boylan

Ramsey, Isle of Man

Hello, I’m Jade, an artist and designer from the Isle of Man. I know creative people always say this, but I’ve always loved art and creating things. When I was four-years-old I would tell anyone and everyone who asked, that I wanted to be ‘an artist’ when I grew up. So I did just that. I’m thirty-two now and while I’ll never really grow up, I still love art and getting to design and create things in my colourful little studio is my favourite way to spend a day.

Proudly independent

A few favourite PIECEs

The story behind the business
Meet Jade Boylan

My small business journey began back in 2016 after I lost my job as a librarian while I was signed off work for depression and anxiety. Not long after that, I received an autism diagnosis, which was a huge turning point for me. It inspired me to start my own small business, creating a range of fun products featuring my colourful designs and illustrations as well as Pride and Neurodivergent themed items. Many of my products are created specifically to remind you of your childhood and teenage years, because while growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional!

founder Credentials

  • Female Founded Business
  • LGBTQIA Business
  • Neurodiverse Business


The Old Power Station



Isle of Man


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