Artist Kate Mayer working in her studio

Kate Mayer Artist

East London

Hi, I’m Kate, an artist who believes in the power of transformation. Through my art, I embrace freedom, inclusivity, connection, and personal growth. I truly believe that what we surround ourselves with has the power to transform our lives. It goes beyond a mood booster—it can shape our subconscious and long-term outlook on life itself! I’m here to fill your space with joy and endless possibilities. Ready to let my art speak to your soul? Let's get started!

The story behind the business
Meet Kate Mayer Artist

My journey began with a childhood obsession for art, which was derailed by societal expectations to get a ‘proper job’ and do something ‘sensible’. So my compromise was to become a designer. But when the pandemic changed the world, I made a choice. I chose passion over practicality, and I took out my paints. Those strokes, inspired by my own journey of personal growth were filled with the essence of freedom inclusivity, and connection, and became the foundation of my art today. What started as a leap of faith turned into a flourishing business. Today, I sell my art to collectors worldwide. But my brand is more than just art—it's a symbol of resilience and authenticity. It's a reminder that we should never let others define our dreams.

founder Credentials

  • 50s Plus Founder
  • Female Founded Business
  • Neurodivergent Business


Bow Arts Studios

Old Manor Park Library

835 Romford Road

Manor Park


E12 5JY

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