Katherine Jones Artist

Cardiff, South Wales

I’m an award-winning architect and artist based in Cardiff. I use my work to help you connect with the people, places or moments that matter. I do this by creating intricately detailed illustrations, inspired by my architecture experience. In the last two years, I’ve featured on Radio 4 and have been commissioned by many individuals as well as the likes of Tower Bridge, the National Trust, Microsoft and the National Museum of Wales.

The story behind the business
Meet Katherine Jones

Hello, I’m Katherine, an artist & architect based in my home town of Cardiff, Wales.

After 11 years of architectural training, working in various practices and bringing buildings to life, I realised I could help people connect with places in a new way.

Taking inspiration from my architecture experience, I started creating meticulously detailed drawings of properties and landscapes that had real meaning for people.

Today, I use my pens, inks and watercolours to draw universities, first homes, wedding venues, cities and landmark properties. I’m proud to say that my artwork now hangs on hundreds of walls and evokes precious memories for people all over the world.

A few fun facts:

● Finding beauty in small details is a real love of mine. My artwork of the Cardiff City Hall involved drawing 2520 individual lines – and that’s just for the windows alone.

● When I’m not helping people, you’ll find me rescuing bats, bathing hedgehogs and hand-feeding rabbits with my local wildlife rescue charity.

● I grew up living with cats and in 2018 I adopted a retired, rescue greyhound called Lili. I’ve since decided that Greyhounds are like cats that you can walk!

founder Credentials

  • Female Founded Business
  • Socially Positive


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