Lauren Smith artist, botanical dyer, handmade-paper and letterpress printer out in nature searching for wildflowers

Lauren Ink.

Earby, lancashire

Botanically dyed handmade paper and letterpress printed goods that are rooted in and inspired by nature.

All my prints are borne out of my fascination with botany and ecology. My creative process begins out in the field with my wildflower key and hand lens in pocket.

My papers are made from a composition of reclaimed rag and plant fibres either left in their natural tones or imbued with natures living hues through the alchemy of botanical dyes. Each sheet is pulled from the vat by hand using time honoured and traditional paper-making techniques.

My botanical illustrations are printed on my big beautiful antique printing press. Each sheet of handmade paper is fed one at a time into the press. The pressure of the printing plate combined with the pillowy paper creates a lovely fossil-like impression.

I have worked hard to create a circular paper-making process that uses bi-product and reclaimed fibres. Nothing is wasted and everything is repurposed. I strive to save and use every last drop of botanical dye - reusing dye-baths where possible or turning leftover colour into pigments.

The story behind the business
Meet Lauren Ink.

Hi Folks! My name is Lauren and I’m obsessed with plants, particularly those that are native and wild!

For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to the living world. In my early childhood, you would often find me pouring over botanical illustrations and if you were to flick through my books, you would find little pressed flowers and leaves I’d lovingly collected and tucked amongst the pages. I’ve always delighted in learning the names and characteristics of plants, getting to know them like they’re my neighbours! It gives me a feeling of kinship with the living world and a sense of place and belonging.

No wonder I’ve found myself in a creative practice that has botanicals woven throughout every aspect. I am a hand papermaker, letterpress printer and botanical dyer. Combining these disciplines, I create original artworks rooted in and inspired by nature, using sustainable methods and working with the seasons.

My interest in botany, along with the cultural history and folklore of wildflowers continues to influence my work. My prints are a nod to traditional botanical illustrations and herbariums within a contemporary aesthetic and ecological perspective.

I told you I was obsessed with plants!

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