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Lino Lord

Watlington, Oxfordshire

The joy of printmaking for me is rooted in the traditional tools and time honoured techniques that create beautiful, affordable art for every wall.

Each Lino Lord print is entirely handmade by me - from the first sketch, to inking the lino and turning the wheel of the press. I enjoy the honest, analogue process and no two prints are ever the same.

I also love to celebrate my Cornish heritage in my coastal designs, as well as homegrown produce and fun ‘retro chic’ classics.

The story behind the business
Meet Lino Lord

You only need very simple equipment to start printmaking and then, the world is literally your oyster. Or in my case, your Cornish harbour and crate of mackerel…When I started carving in 2019, I had a bright studio and a desire to step away from the digital world. I have enjoyed a wonderful career as a photographer, with a passion for capturing local artisans and those who make a living from the land. Now I too wanted to immerse myself in an honest craft that hasn’t changed in generations and make art with only my ‘hands’. My hobby has now become much more than I ever dreamed it would be and allows me to sell (often over a market stall like an old fashioned shop keeper) prints of subjects that bring me joy every day - whether that’s fishing boats, a record player or an earthy bunch of leeks, I am delighted that people find space for them on their walls.

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