Little Egg

Carrington, Nottingham

Little Egg is the fun, felt, faux houseplant brand created by Laura Gardner. Set up 12 years ago, the Little Egg brand has grown and matured, and so have Laura’s plants. The product range is now full of exquisite, intricate felt creations that have the look of real houseplants but with a whimsical twist. Ranging from huge, twisting and trailing plants to delicate, patterned leaves, Laura’s products are all unique originals, designed and made entirely by hand.

The story behind the business
Meet Little Egg

Laura of Little Egg has been a textiles maker since... forever. As a child, she could be found sewing tiny fabric clothes for fairies, knitting her Dad a wonky tie or even once, trying to bead a baseball cap (it was the 90s). Having completed an MA in fashion and textiles, Laura went on to work as a freelance textiles designer, working in the fashion industry to create intricate, embellished surface pieces. Once she had children, Laura wanted to find a new creative outlet that would fit in with life as a Mum. She started making fun felt items for her kids’ rooms; a giant cactus and a huge Monstera that would never die or need to be watered. And thus, Laura’s love for creating fun, fabulous felt plants started! Since then, Laura has built a career designing and making faux houseplants that exist in a unique space somewhere between beautiful and playful.

founder Credentials

  • Female Founded Business


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