Not Now Nancy art prints, digital art, tattoo art, gold leaf, black ink

Not Now Nancy

South London

Not Now Nancy is a print maker & designer who works from her studio in South London and The Thames Barrier Print Studios. Her work is full of symbolism, antiquity and symmetry. Many of her prints embody forgotten themes from mythology, folk law, history books and a little starters (geek).

Bringing together contemporary visual symmetry and a historical narrative she constructs one harmonious image. Retelling this narrative from a fairer angle she begins to rewrite the history that has been passed down through the male voice in a more palatable manor. In essence giving women, minorities and misrepresented historial characters back the power that was taken from them in mistold stories.

The story behind the business
Meet Not Now Nancy

Hi, I'm Nancy - forever as a child being told 'not now!' but if not now, when?

I primarily work as an art director but my real passion lies within my art.

Every print I make has a concept, they embody forgotten themes from mythology, folk law and history books; bringing together contemporary visual symmetry and a historical narrative I try to create one harmonious image.

I am obsessed with mythology - Japanese, Greek, Roman, Viking, Irish etc... I look for the injustice in the story telling and retell the narrative in my own voice visually.

translating snippets of history into a modern take on something familiar. I LOVE ‘the story’ and how ancient ideals can translate to modern living.

founder Credentials

  • Female Founded Business
  • Socially Positive


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