Piper a deaf, teenage, autistic artist from Hackney hold her a4 artwork up in front of a brick wall.  The art is black handwritten unique font on a white background.

Notes by Piper

stoke newington, london

Piper's notes are to her imaginary boyfriends Tony Thompson / Lee, Jake or Jim.

Piper Revere is a Hackney artist who is 17, autistic and profoundly deaf, with a creative talent to be truly jealous of.

Piper communicates and connects with people through her notes in a truly magical way. Some to her imaginary boyfriends and others to her family if they're lucky.

“When I do my art it helps me with my wobbly balance. I do it all myself.”

The story behind the business
Meet Notes by Piper

Hello I'm Kate, Pipers mum and the other half behind Notes by Piper. Piper would be writing this story but she's busy creating notes to her (imaginary boyfriends) and doing her research, Ron is a hot favourite at the moment. Piper is extremely proud that her notes have been made into art. Combing both of her greatest loves Art and Romance with a little bit of angst, and with that humour, and understands that people love them too. She only learnt to read and write when she was 16. Born deaf, with facial paralysis, autism, communication you would imagine in the norm is tricky, but Piper has always found her magical way of connecting with people. Piper and I, as well as knowing her art is fantastic and meaningful, want you to feel inspired. I was told, Piper (as a baby) wouldn't know my love or ever show her love, as well as having physical disabilities, some of these have come true and her path has been a wobbly one but Notes by Piper is about not writing anyone off, letting them be the magical person they are, letting them truly express themselves. Enjoy.

founder Credentials

  • Female Founded Business
  • Neurodivergent Business
  • Socially Positive


150-152 Stoke Newington

Church Street


N16 0JU

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