Something From The Turnery founder Joel Atkins stands smiling at the camera outside his workshop.

Something From The Turnery


Hi! I'm Joel, I've fallen in love with the steady , satisfying pace of hand-crafting beautiful timbers into pieces for your home. Each item will hold it's own unique grain, formed slowly over years and it's my mission to create solely (and soulfully) from sustainable, reclaimed and repurposed timbers.

The story behind the business
Meet Something From The Turnery

I'm so proud to work with my hands each day as part of the legacy of a kind, wood-turning Grandpa and time well spent with a local hero we called St Vincent as a teen. As for the story, by the close of 2019 I had all but forgotten my time in their workshops when, (remembering how much I used to love it) my Grandpa gifted me his lathe. I had driven between exhausting jobs as a touring musician to clear his workshop, not knowing the impact his gift would have in the months, and now years ahead. Woodturning became, and remains a place of deep calm for me and today, my headline acts are functional pieces for the home from beautiful, sustainably sourced and reclaimed timbers. It's homeware for living spaces, like rolling pins you'll leave out on purpose and simple-form lamps designed to let natural beauty do the talking.

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