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Sonshine Magazine


Sonshine is a quarterly magazine taking a positive slant on parenting sons, to create a better world for all our children.

Each beautiful issue follows a different theme and is packed with non-judgemental positive advice & articles, recipes, simple crafts, book reviews and a healthy dose of down to earth humour.

It's all printed and bound using FSC approved papers right here in the UK.

The story behind the business
Meet Sonshine Magazine

When my daughter was born, I found plenty of parenting advice to help me raise the strong girl I wanted her to become. But when my son arrived, I quickly realised I had no blueprint for raising a boy in today’s society, and I couldn’t find anything to help me.

So I started to write the articles I wanted to read. I wrote online pointing out the stereotypes that were affecting our sons in different ways to our daughters: clothes, books, kids’ TV – anywhere I saw gendered messages limiting our kids.

People kept asking if I would make a printed magazine, so I took the leap. I found a brilliant designer, worked with writers and illustrators and found a sustainable printer in Wales. Before I knew it I’d founded my own magazine! Sonshine now is the resource I needed to help me raise my kids for today's society and to make a better world for both of them.

founder Credentials

  • Brown Owned Business
  • Female Founded Business
  • The Independent Awards Winner


Sonshine Magazine

73 Roding Road


E5 0DN

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