Photograph shows artist sitting at her desk making paper flowers

The Paper Project

Kent, England

Hi, I’m Chrissie and I make long lasting crepe paper flowers. I’ve always been a hands-on creative person but had never really found my niche. That was until 2019 where I found crepe paper flowers. I haven’t looked back since and The Paper Project was born. Each flower is handmade and has been carefully crafted. Over the years, I’ve developed my own style which maximises colour and brings the essence of each flower into paper form. Perfect for your home!

The story behind the business
Meet The Paper Project

I’m Chrissie, the owner and maker behind everything ‘The Paper Project’. I’ve always loved art and studied it for most of my education. After moving out I found myself not being creative and needing something to stimulate me after a day at work. I decided to take on a new creative project each month. I tried embroidery, clay modelling and by the third month I tried Paper Flowers. This was the birth of The Paper Project.

From paper I found crepe paper and thought the versatility of it suited the way I work. Honestly, it only started as a little project to keep me busy after a long day in the office. But I kept going and eventually started an Instagram which grew into a business. And here we are, I’ve had some amazing opportunities since, but my absolute favourite part is seeing you, my lovely customers, share my flowers in your home.

founder Credentials

  • Female Founded Business
Artist photographed sitting at a desk, surrounded by paper flowers and to do lists


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