Stephen Kenny

The Printer's Devil


Fascinated by centuries old techniques, processes and the history of wood block printing Stephen Kenny established his Letterpress workshop in 2008 in Walthamstow. Now in its 4th location in East London’s rapidly changing Hackney Wick, ‘The Printer’s Devil’ occupies a room on the first floor of an old Peanut Factory unchanged since the artists moved in in the 1980’s. The wooden floors and original Victorian arched windows offer a glimpse into the past and a calm, bright and peaceful environment in which to print.

The story behind the business
Meet the Printers devil

Stephen has a background in fine art and graphic design. A love of typography linked the two and when his daughter Scarlett was born in 2008 he set up his letterpress business as a way of staying independent.

Ease open a draw of type, set, ink and proof. Lay flat the paper, pull the print. The smooth texture of impossibly light Japanese paper belays its strength and is almost transparent in the sunlight. Peeling away from decades old wood blocks, the marks and scratches are clearly visible. Slightly under-linked. Breathy black. Each print unique. Stephen has collaborated with Uniqlo, Paul Smith, Truck Furniture Japan, Full Count Japan, Penguin Publishing, Tate Publishing, the V&A and China Disney.

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Stephen & Scarlett


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