Founder, Em - standing in front of We Are Here's roastery (and a very pink front door)

We Are Here

Margate, Kent

We're a queer owned roastery based in a little seaside town in Kent called, Margate. We want to do our very best to provide visibility and representation within the coffee community. Wanting to create an equitable, inclusive space for all and build a business that totally and completely puts people and planet first.

We think coffee needs to be a little more fun and even more friendly, so set out on creating just 4 coffees that work amazingly with the ways that coffee is brewed and enjoyed. in 2020, a very bright THIS ONE, THAT ONE, THE OTHER ONE and DECAF were born. the beans origin, how it's processed, who farmed it and so on are of course, incredibly important.

To try and make this world a little bit better, we give 10p from every bag sold to the marvelous charity, Missing People UK or by choosing The Queer One it will go to glorious, Gendered Intelligence. These donations happen all year round/forever and are so important to what we and who we are.

The story behind the business
Meet We Are Here

We Are Here originally started back in London in 2016 as a mobile coffee tuk tuk, hence the name. "We Are Here at East Village Market" we'd announce on Instagram every time we popped up somewhere. Sadly our tuk tuk, named Fred, got stolen after a couple of years and with him went the whole business. But the story wasn't quite forward a few years to 2020 and a relocation to the seaside, We Are Here relaunched as a roastery. Creating a safe space for the LGBTQIA+ and disabled community as well as making coffee uncomplicated. Always wanting to do good, work with charities, reuse and recycle as much as possible. For example our waste coffee gets turned into coffee leather by a local fashion designer, any left over stock goes to the ambulance post that we share our yard with and old coffee bags get reused as plant pots.

founder Credentials

  • Disabled Owned Business
  • LGBTQIA Business
  • Socially Positive
A black and white mobile coffee tuk tuk with We Are Here on the side in a big black circle, the boot is open at the rear to make coffees for a film crew outside of a pub in London


Unit 1 Fullers Yard

Victoria Road




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