Female Founders

we believe

We’re passionate about shining a light and championing women in business, in what continues to be a male dominated landscape. Only 1 in 3 entrepreneurs are female in the UK, this disparity represents a £250bn gap in the economy over 5 years.  

We want to empower more women to build their dreams and believe that by tackling specific issues facing women in business and sharing the learnings and advice of brilliant female founders, together, we can we support more women to build their dreams and change the business landscape forever.



How we're making change

Turning our missions into action, here’s just some of the ways we’re supporting more women to build their dreams.

Every week we interview experts and founders, shining a light on their experiences and hearing first hand how Covid-19 is shaping their business and the landscape they operate in. 

Pip Jamieson, founder of The Dots, shares her insight into the world of creative freelancers and the impact on them during this time.