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10 tips for taking a good photo

by team Holly & Co

As wonderful as it is, that Instagram’s got a lot to answer for. All those perfectly captured lives, drenched in colour and creativity. The sunlit products. The fun and artful backgrounds…While small businesses across the land are taking their forty-fifth, dimly lit ‘money shot’ in their lounge, making their beautifully crafted hammered gold necklace look less than its best, tearing their hair out and crying, “How? HOW DO THEY DO IT?!” before giving up and eating too many biscuits in despair. 

With more than a billion people active on Instagram every month, 90% now following businesses¹ and lots of us using it to shop, photography matters more than ever. We think visually. Your pictures represent your brand, bring your products to life and form a shortcut to emotion. You have just a split second to capture someone’s attention in a sea of sameness. What makes you stand out?

Businesses rely deeply on their imagery to succeed. So it’s no wonder ‘How do I take good photos?’ is a question we get asked all the time at Holly & Co. The good news is that after years of practise, working on hundreds of shoots and learning the tricks we’ve since applied ourselves, we’ve got this down pat.

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