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July 27, 2020 60mins
Female Founders

Empowering Women of Colour Through Product Innovation with Ade Hassan MBE, Founder of Nubian Skin

It is rare, in this day and age, that a truly new and innovative product is brought to the market, particularly in the fashion space, but that is exactly what Ade did with her brand, Nubian Skin, which makes underwear in dark tones for women of colour. From dreaming of quitting the finance rat race, to Beyonce wearing her products, Ade Hassan has built a brilliant brand and is riding the entrepreneurial rollercoaster. Filled with highs, lows and crucial lessons she has learnt along the way, in this episode Holly and Ade cover everything from manufacturing and product development to the imposter syndrome and finance. Conversations of Inspiration is brought to you with support from NatWest: visit for information, tips and insights to help business owners meet their goals.

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