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10th June 2019 76mins
Artists & Makers, Holly’s Picks

Balancing commercial with creative, with Alex Monroe, founder of Alex Monroe Jewellery

This week Holly speaks to jeweller Alex Monroe at his ‘buzzing’ headquarters boutique in London.

With 30 successful years in the business, Alex’s insight and attitude will provide a huge source of inspiration and advice for creative small businesses looking to combine creativity with commerciality. With fans such as Emma Watson, Sienna Miller and a regular in Vogue - Alex Monroe is a masterclass in growing your brand whilst maintaining your integrity and creativity.

In this enlightening episode, Holly & Alex discuss his journey so far, the process for anyone who wants to create products that lasts a lifetime and how he's kept true to his brand after 30 years. His letter to self is an incredibly touching and special conclusion to the podcast this week.

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