Angus Thirlwell, co-founder of Hotel Chocolat, smiling at the camera with his arms crossed, stood infront of a wall of Hotel Chocolat products.

Angus Thirlwell

Co-founder of Hotel Chocolat

Recognising the diminishing heritage of chocolate across the UK, Angus’ vision was not only to reimagine an industry, but also to reinvigorate the entire confectionery market with purpose and values. Hear how Hotel Chocolat has stood the test of time for all the right reasons.

On building an ethical chocolate empire

Why you will enjoy this episode:

  • You’ll discover how putting customers at the heart of Hotel Chocolat helped cement its status as being a truly remarkable brand.
  • Hear his captivating account of reinvigorating cocoa farming in St Lucia.
  • Learn how diversifying Hotel Chocolat’s products took Angus’ business to new heights.

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