Anna Lewis, founder of Sketchy Mumma, smiling at the camera, wearing a white and black polka dot t-shirt, poring tea into a cup.

Anna Lewis

Founder of Sketchy Muma

In her darkest days, Anna yearned to reignite her purpose, and finally, her passion for illustration saved her. Fuelled by her unwavering ability to depict emotional experiences through art, Sketchy Muma’s work really resonates with women. Hear how Anna’s brand restored her lust for life.

On the creativity that comes through regeneration

Why you will enjoy this episode:

  • Hearing how Anna made it through her darkest days, offers reassurance for anyone experiencing troubling times.
  • Anna’s experience of pursuing her passion to restore her happiness is uplifting.
  • Anna’s letter to her younger self is unmissable — have your tissues ready!

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