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Through creativity comes regeneration, with Anna Lewis, founder of Sketchy Muma

Finding personal fulfilment through creativity and regenerating after times of darkness define this week’s conversation with Anna Lewis, founder of creative small business, Sketchy Muma.

Anna has the unique ability to draw beautiful, honest and heartfelt illustrations that depict experiences and feelings that somehow seem to capture moments in time that resonate with so many.

Holly and Anna talk about building a brand by harnessing the power of raw emotion through personal experience and being brave enough to share it with the world.

Anna’s journey shines a light on the simple human struggles of everyday life and how, during her own darker days, specific moments of clarity gave her the power to regenerate herself.  Driven by her strong desire to give the gift of ‘now’ to her daughter in the future, Anna restored her lust for life and found her purpose through illustration.

A beautiful tale of how your passions and dreams will always shine through if you let them.

Trigger warning: discussion around miscarriage and cancer.

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