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November 21, 2022 73mins

Turning grey into technicolour, through the magic of Christmas, with Polar Post’s founder, Charlotte Wood

In this captivating conversation, Charlotte Wood, founder of the magical Polar Post, shares her wisdom on building a brand that truly embodies kindness, nostalgia and the spirit of Christmas.

With the help of the elves, Charlotte’s founding mission was to revive the lost art of calligraphy for a new generation and create remarkable works of art in the form of letters, so that every child can feel as though Father Christmas is speaking directly to them.

Since founding her enchanting business, Polar Post has gone from strength to strength, but with the many highs on her Christmas journey so far, have also come many lows. Here, Charlotte bares her soul, sharing her early struggles with school, and how Polar Post actually sprung from a place of darkness, when she was battling postnatal depression.

Charlotte also shares her advice when coping with guilt as a working mother, dealing with copying, working with charities, and the power creativity has in turning your world “from grey to technicolour”. Her creations are a labour of love that sprinkle magic on our doormats, up chimneys and under our Christmas trees, year on year. All you have to do is believe.

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