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Dave Buonaguidi

16. Dave Buonaguidi, Artist and founder of Karmarama & St Lukes Advertising Agencies – Do We Need To Shake Up The World Of Advertising?

You might not immediately know the name Dave Buonaguidi or be able to pronounce it, but he’s truly one of a kind, and the ultimate pin-up in the world of advertising. He’s made it his life’s work to go against the grain and shake up the creative world. This straight talking, creative and expletive-ridden interview is one of life’s one of a kind conversations!

After many years in advertising, Dave set up St Lukes, the world’s first advertising co-operative, which was ahead of its time.

After leaving he became Creative Director at Channel 4, before founding the renowned ad agency Karmarama.

Dave talks very frankly about his lessons along the way as well as his values when founding these companies (including his ‘no wanker’ policy!) He also talks about his latest company, knowing the end is coming and the excitement of working with small, passionate businesses making impact against the giants!