David Gandy, founder of David Gandy Wellwear, looking at the camera, wearing a grey David Gandy Wellwear set.

David Gandy

Founder of David Gandy Wellwear

Gracing countless magazine covers, billboards and our televisions — David Gandy is one of the most successful male models of our time. However, he’s now pursuing his passion to build a brand that encapsulates practical yet stylish fashion. Learn what ignited his desire for fulfilment.

On the man behind the model

Why you will enjoy this episode:

  • David’s depiction of the fashion industry is intriguing as he shares his experience with scrutiny.
  • You’ll discover the unique DNA of David’s brand and why it's special.
  • The highs and lows he experienced as a founder is comforting for fellow entrepreneurs on their journey to success.

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