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11th November 2019 71mins
Classics, Female Founders, Holly’s Picks

Making a difference whilst making millions, with Henrietta Morrison, founder of Lily’s Kitchen

Henrietta Morrison of Lily’s Kitchen (a pet food range made from the best of British ingredients) has had the most incredible career in business, spanning over 30 years.

A born entrepreneur, Henrietta started (and sold) a number of businesses before founding Lily’s Kitchen – which now sells 50 million dog and cat meals a year.

In this conversation, Henrietta recounts her happy childhood before a tragic series of unexpected events would turn her life upside down. But it was her terrible loss that became her fuel through her extraordinary life. A life filled with passion, purpose and entrepreneurial spirit.

This is an episode about everything from disrupting an entire market and being a woman in business, to money, B corps and doing good in the world. But ultimately this conversation is about triumph over adversity and how love (for animals or people!) can conquer all.

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