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January 18, 2021 59mins
Classics, Holly’s Picks, Mental Health

Taking responsibility to build a life you love with Jake Humphrey, broadcaster and founder

A familiar face across our TVs, broadcaster and founder, Jake Humphrey shares a rare insight into his background and personal philosophies – both of which he credits with finding success today.

Growing up in Norfolk, Jake’s childhood was not an easy one after suffering severe bullying at school. After failing his exams and being fired from McDonalds, someone took a chance on Jake and changed the course of this life forever. In this conversation, Jake shares his belief that one must take 100% responsibility in life – as well as his family motto to ‘never sit in the comfy chair’ – and how these philosophies have been pivotal in his journey to one of the leading broadcasters in the UK.

Honest, heartfelt and emotional this conversation covers Jake’s rise through the BBC to his decision to leave to join BT Sport and start his successful production company culminating in his desire to pay it forward to a new generation.

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