James Daunt, founder of Daunt Books, smiling at the camera holding a book, sat infront of a large bookshelf.

James Daunt CBE

Founder of Daunt Books

Hailed as the ‘Saviour of Bookshops’, James Daunt is on a mission to regenerate our independent high streets, one page at a time. A firm believer that truly immersive experiences are the key to success, James reveals the mindset that is also needed to breathe fresh life into retail.

On how to future proof our highstreets

Why you will enjoy this episode:

  • Learn how James prevented a devastating loss for British independent book selling, as the CEO of Waterstones.
  • James reveals his simple, ingenious idea that reinvented a whole industry.
  • You’ll see why James’ vision, passion and future gazing has led to his success.

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