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October 24, 2022 75mins
Business For Good

Choosing love and changing the world, with Josie Naughton, founder of Choose Love

“We can all do something” are the words of Josie Naughton, who is at the centre of the pioneering humanitarian aid movement, Choose Love. It’s a charity that promotes compassion, people helping people, and true generosity of heart.

When Josie and her friends saw the refugee crisis unfolding in Calais in 2015 they decided to take action by raising £1,000 and organising a van load of donations to be delivered to Calais. With no former charity experience, a lack of fundraising budgets or highly paid executives, their grassroots campaign quickly went viral and redefined the sector.

Having now raised £70 million, which has helped over four million people, Choose Love is a movement ingrained in our society, and one that so many simply couldn’t live without.

Josie’s previous career in the music industry (working with Coldplay no less), coupled with an instinctive ability to really empathise with others, fuelled a different way of thinking. It enabled her to not just raise money but to change the world through charity. She explains how the idea for their revolutionary pop-up shop in Carnaby Street was coined, which encourages shoppers to, “Shop your heart out, leave with nothing and feel the love”.

With the largest refugee crisis since the Second World War happening right now in Ukraine, Josie speaks with Holly about her vision for the charity, its groundbreaking work and the challenges that lay ahead.

And just remember as Josie says, “The refugee crisis is an extremely complex and political business in many ways, but there is nothing confusing or complex about a child having nowhere to sleep”. So listen, digest that thought, and remember – if you can choose anything, choose love.
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