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November 22, 2021
Female Founders

Unlocking Talent, Stitching Hope, with Katy Emck OBE, Founding Director of Fine Cell Work

In a captivating conversation, Katy Emck OBE delves into her inspirational story as Founding Director of Fine Cell Work, a charity and social enterprise which tackles social rehabilitation by teaching prisoners the art of creative needlework. 

Together with the late, great Lady Anne Tree, Katy began working with prisoners to create fine, commercial needlework which is now sold to customers across the globe. The therapeutic nature of stitching acts as a purposeful activity that has given hope, empowerment and optimism to over 8,000 prisoners.

Sharing many tear jerking and heartwarming tales from her business journey so far, Katy explains how giving prisoners the opportunity to use their hands creatively not only provides mental and physical stimulation but also gives many inmates a purpose, something that some have never experienced before.

Katie is a kind-hearted, passionate believer in second chances, and lives by Winston Churchill’s mantra that ‘There’s a treasure in the heart of every man if you can only find it’, and Fine Cell Work does just that.

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