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July 5, 2021 60mins
Artists & Makers, Female Founders

Dream it, create it, with Lucy Sparrow, founder of Sew Your Soul

With a mantra that it is the energy you put in, that will see you succeed, artist Lucy Sparrow is the epitome of being utterly passionate (obsessed even) with the product you are creating. Crafting felt creations to make you smile, her instantly recognisable pieces blend the world of colourful, tactile creations with a hard hitting social commentary that tackles the world of gun crime, the sex industry and the demise of our traditional high streets.

There is no doubt that Lucy’s art is shaking up the sewing scene and her commitment and passion means entering each of her installations is like a trip to the theatre, an experience that feeds all the senses and is completely intoxicating. Driven by her strong desire to create events and pieces of art that people will remember forever, this is a wonderful tale of how hard work and belief can create real magic.

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