Rochelle Humes, singer, presenter and founder of My Little Coco, smiling at the camera wearing a white t-shirt.

Rochelle Humes

Singer, Presenter & Founder of My Little Coco

As a child, Rochelle Humes was catapulted into the public eye, as part of British pop band, S Club Juniors — and her career has gone from strength to strength. Yet now, as a founder, she reveals how she manages the rollercoaster ride of motherhood, life and business — and won’t give up.

On navigating the juggle to build a brand

Why you will enjoy this episode:

  • Rochelle explains how she juggles motherhood, life and her career.
  • You’ll learn how being a mum encouraged Rochelle to navigate her destiny and discover her own voice.
  • She shares the highs and lows of being a founder, offering reassurance to anyone on the same journey.

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