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July 26, 2021 60mins
Female Founders, The Power of Instagram

Navigating the juggle to build a brand with Rochelle Humes, Singer, TV Presenter and Founder

This week Holly speaks with singer, TV presenter and female founder Rochelle Humes.

A woman of many talents, Rochelle Humes’ journey into the public eye started when she joined British pop band, S Club Juniors,  aged just 12, and would set her on path towards creating a life she loves.

This episode follows Rochelle’s journey, from the early days of her pop career to navigating the juggle of a busy, successful career whilst being a mother of three as well as launching her own company to follow her own personal passions.  In this in depth and revealing conversation Rochelle shares her realisation of the power of her own voice and how she has navigated taking charge of her own destiny.

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