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June 24, 2019 71mins
Bricks & Mortar

Creating the future of retail, with Roger Wade, founder of Boxpark

This week Holly meets Roger Wade, the founder of Boxpark, - to hear about his mission to use his business as a force for good, to bring together communities and make them thrive, safer and happier. Holly & Roger discuss the future of the high street, their shared passion for independents, and how though his visionary concept for Boxpark, Roger is disrupting the world of retail. Roger started his career in advertising, being fired twice before moving to the US where he discovered his passion for American streetwear and recognised the huge market there was for it back in the UK. So on the third time of being fired, he realised that he needed to be his own boss, and start his own business. He founded Boxfresh in 1989, initially selling streetwear from his market stall, but eventually growing the business to being an international company turning over £20million a year, before selling it and founding his latest venture Boxpark. Known as ‘the world’s first pop up mall’, Boxpark is a unique shopping concept made up from shipping containers, offering independents a much more affordable and flexible retail space. Conversations of Inspiration is brought to you with support from NatWest. Visit NatWest Business Hub for information, tips and insights to help business owners meet their goals.

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