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25th February 2019 64mins
Holly’s Picks

Disrupting a traditional industry, with Rowan Gormley, founder of Naked Wines and CEO of Majestic Wines

This week Holly speaks to Rowan Gormley, founder of Naked Wines and CEO of Majestic Wines. Rowan grew up in South Africa, but moved to the UK, after following his wife to London where he worked for none other than Richard Branson! After setting up Virgin money, and then Virgin wines, he was unceremoniously fired, leading him to start his own company Naked Wines. Disrupting the world of wine with his business, through his crowdfunded platform - Rowan’s mission is to change the wine industry so that the makers and customers are given a fair price for the best wine. So far, Naked Wines has pumped over £100 million pounds into supporting over 200 wine-makers all around the world. Rowan sold his business to Majestic in 2017 and is now at the helm of both businesses as CEO. In this meeting of minds, Holly and Rowan discuss the role that independents and face to face will play in our future, the ethos of loyalty underpinning business decisions, rather than 'quick wins', as well as the ultimate importance of the power being put in the hands of the customer. Conversations of Inspiration is brought to you with support from NatWest: visit for information, tips and insights to help business owners meet their goals.

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