Tamara Lohan MBE, co-founder of Mr and Mrs Smith, smiling at the camera in a blue and grey denim dress.

Tamara Lohan MBE

Founder of Mr & Mrs Smith

It all started with a single book that curated 35 luxurious hotels. What followed was an online community of 1.5 million people and offices in London, LA and New York. It shows how, in a busy world, having a trusted source to handpick the best of the best can be the ultimate benefit.

On why the future is curated

Why you will enjoy this episode:

  • As well as learning about curation, you’ll hear the challenges and real possibilities for women in STEM.
  • Tamara shares what it’s really like to build a brand with your partner.
  • Tamara’s letter to her younger self gives a vulnerable insight into the true fears of women.

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