Mea'n Fo'mhair Dried Herb, Harvest Posy

Deborah-Máire Moon

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  • Vegan Friendly
  • Made in UK
  • Handmade
A Posy of Everlasting Dried Flowers and Herbs, Held by a Hand against a White Background

A Beautiful Everlasting Dried Flower and Herbs Posy, to Celebrate Mabon and its Harvest. All these Herbs and Grasses have been air dried and grown, foraged in the U.K and have been grown this season 2023

Autumn Equinox is the doorway to winter. Summer has passed and a new phase will begin. A time to celebrate the changing seasons, preparations
and intentions for the coming winter months ahead. Mea'n Fo'mhair, Deireadh Fómhair, Mabon is the name given by some, to this festival, during which to pay homage to the Green Man. A powerful symbol of the cycle of life, death and re-birth.

This beautiful Posy pays homage to the abundance of the season, with dried Sage, Wheat, Barley, Lavender, Maize, Oats, Fever Few (Chamomile), Hops and Sprigs of Sweet Smelling Rosemary and Dried Peppermint and Mint, each with a powerful symbolism and ancient herbal properties.

Sage - Immortality, health, and wisdom. Sage was a sacred ceremonial herb of the Romans. Sage’s scientific name, Salvia, comes from the Latin Salveo, which means “to heal” or “to save. It is often used to cleanse mind and spaces of negative energies.
Wheat - Often called the staff of life, wheat is a long-standing symbol of fertility, bounty and resurrection.
Barley - Three stalks of locally collected barley, tied together with rafia are used to represent the cutting down of John Barleycorn at Mabon - John Barleycorn in folklore, is a character who represents the crop of barley harvested each autumn. Equally as important, he symbolizes the wonderful drinks which can be made from Barley, Beer and whiskey—and their effects. In the traditional folksong, John Barleycorn.
Hops - Sleeping on a pillow stuffed with hops is said to ensure peaceful sleep, mitigate insomnia, and ward off nightmares. To promote physical and spiritual healing is was said to 'carry hops on your person'.
Chamomile - Joy, Positivity, Happiness, Rest, Peace and Calmness
Lavender - Purity, Silence, Devotion, Serenity, Grace, Calmness, Protection
Rosemary - Remembrance

'The fields are full, the orchards blooming, and the harvest has arrived..'

'Fields of gold,
waves of grain,
the summer comes to a close.
The harvest is ready,
ripe for threshing,
as the sun fades into autumn.
Flour will be milled,
bread will be baked,
and we shall eat for another winter'

Need to know

The flowers are air dried and the Wreath is handmade by Deborah-Máire. The wreath base will either be grape or willow or other grown wood, like Buddleia or Forsythia that has been seasoned. All sustainably sourced and handmade. The flowers are bound by wire, to prevent loosening over time that can come with hemp string.

Rosemary - Grown in Sheffield, Yorkshire
Sage - Kent & Yorkshire
Oats - Sussex & Kent
Hops - Kent
Peppermint - Sheffield, Yorkshire
Chamomile - Yorkshire
Maize - Sussex and Kent

A very small percentage of the flowers like the White Daisies have been grown in Europe, but no chemicals have been used. On occasion when my stocks of dried flowers runs low, I work with other UK trusted growers who also dry.

The Dried Wreath may look slightly different to the one photographed, due to the drying process, & types of flowers, pigments can vary.
Your flowers and herbs will arrive, wrapped in acid free tissue paper & recycled brown paper used to pad out your delivery. Occasionally I will use bubble wrap which again has been recycled from previous deliveries to me.

Upon receiving your dried flowers or wreath, open carefully. Occasionally your flower bouquets will arrive a little flat from being packed in a box for postal reasons. Gently tease them apart and cut the string if you wish and arrange in a vase.

Very occasionally damage can occur in postage as dried flowers are fragile. If this happens please get in touch through

Care: Try to keep your flowers and wreaths out of direct sunlight as the direct light can bleach pigments over time. Keep them in a dry spot, ideally away from areas that may get damp or attract condensation, like bathrooms and kitchens.

To clean your flowers gently blow on them or dust with a large clean makeup brush, as its soft bristles won’t damage your flowers. Although I would avoid using this with daisies.


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Deborah-Máire Moon

Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Beautiful Sustainable, Seasonal Dried Flowers, Herbs & Grasses, dried and handmade by Deborah-Máire Moon, Founder of MoonKo. MoonKo a beautiful Atelier, where all the flowers are prepared and dried. The flowers are seasonally and naturally air dried with no chemicals, in small batches. The fresh flowers, that are hand dried by Deborah Maire, arrive fresh from incredible growers, all across the U.K and very occasionally from Europe. Its very important to me that no insecticides or fungicides are used in the growing process. The drying process can take many months to perfect and is air dry only.