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Hi, my name is Archie and I like to paint letters. I can make your walls talk with my limited edition screen prints and original paintings. The work I create is rooted in the techniques of traditional sign painting: craft, quality and the soul that comes with the handmade are essential to what I offer. I believe that artwork changes homes and enriches lives, and It’s my mission to use the alchemy of elements in my work to do that for as many people as possible.

The story behind the business
Meet archie proudfoot

Twelve years ago I discovered the craft of sign painting and fell in love. The calm beauty of seeing someone form perfect letters with just a handful of elegant brushstrokes was hypnotic. I had to learn how it was done.

But when I first picked up a chisel-tipped lettering brush with long sable hairs it was the first brush I’d touched in years. My creative spirit was in the doldrums.

The years of dedication and discipline needed to learn how to manipulate these brushes pulled me out of a postgraduate existential crisis and powered the rediscovery of my inner artist.

Over the last decade I’ve ridden the wave of the craft revival; creating commissions for everyone from tiny independent shops to major international brands.

But nothing has brought me as much joy as selling my own artwork as an independent artist. I love bringing my buyers wall’s to life with art.

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Unit 3, Gaunson House

Markfield Road

N15 4QQ

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