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Biskut Bar is a purpose-led Indian biscuit company offering boldly aromatic, award-winning treats. We aim to evoke delight and curiosity through biscuits and our mission is to bring the flavours of a heritage to life with intentionally sourced, sustainably grown ingredients.

All treats are crafted in London by an American born in Punjab. Our motto is "Eat Biskuts, Have A Fun!"

The story behind the business
Meet Biskut Bar

I'm an Punjab-born American transplant here in London. After a long career in fashion and world-changing pandemic, I turned to my other love: snacks. Namely those South Asian tea time biscuits and treats that often accompany an afternoon respite with Masala Chai. As I explored my Punjabi heritage further with foods, I found a lack of biscuits and treats that were nutritional and eco-friendly so I started to bake the Rusks and Nankhatai of my memories at home. And then as these things usually happen, I had my aha moment shortly after my second babe was born (gulab jamun points for baby making tick tick). I was gifted several ziplock bags of panjiri from my mom's friend to help with my postpartum recovery. This old school ayurvedic wellness and herbal restorative mix has been passed down for countless generations of new mothers before me in order to strengthen bones, aid in digestion and infuse a mama with nutrients and vitamins for milk production and health.

The treats were given to me to "sweeten my mouth" in celebration and welcoming of a new life. This tradition of celebrating and delighting in sweets in South Asian culture is called "moo mitha" and it is this very act of giving joy and warm blessings that speak to me the most. I was so moved by these feelings of joy and healing and I wanted to pass this on.

Biskut Bar is borne from repackaging and resourcing ingredients from those ziplock bags of the nutrient packed mix. It is borne from the lack of mindfully crafted South Asian treat options providing conscious consumers an option for Indian confections that use premium, organic ingredients all packaged in reusable and plastic-free materials. It is borne from an exploration of spices, sourced from single-origin farms promoting biodiversity, and combinations of flavours.

I founded Biskut Bar ultimately to provide the conscientious consumer a boldly aromatic journey into a rich heritage through the playful means of biscuits. I hope you enjoy!

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