Crinkly Cloth

Frome, Somerset

I'm Jo Joof from Jo & Nic's Crinkly Cloth Books. My niece Meredith, now 16, was born blind and disabled and she inspired me to create a lightweight, tactile book that she could grip easily and is washable. In 2018 myself and Nic Moore created the Nursery Times, a range of children's sensory cloth books uniquely designed to look like little newspapers. Each cloth book is made up of six crinkly pages filled with bright, bold illustrations and rhyming text.

The story behind the business
Meet Crinkly Cloth

Having an idea is one thing, but making that idea a business is another so myself, Jo Joof and Nic Moore work together to create the Nursery Times. I draft up the initial designs and text and Nic draws up the final illustrations. We then bounce ideas back and forth until we are happy with the design. In 2017 we completed our designs and found a fantastic overseas maker, who we have been using for 6 years. Selling the newspapers at The Frome Independent was slow, sometimes only one sale a month! In February 2018 we started selling direct to retail. Trying to persuade buyers to buy something so unique is not easy with both of us juggling family life and having no business experience. However, what we learnt is that if you love what you do, you find a way. The best bit is that babies everywhere are now reading the Nursery Times.

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