Founder of childrens brand 'Flingo and Swollop' standing in her studio with her daughter. both wearing Flingo and swollop clothes. A black sweatshirt with rainbow wings. Her daughter is wearing a pair of sparkly leopard print leggings. they are both smiling.

Flingo & Swollop

East London

Luxury Dress Up for cheeky kids.

Flingo and Swollop aims to put a smile on your face. Celebratory clothing for parties, festivals, holidays in fact every days a fabulous day in Flingo & Swollop. Rainbow birds, Bubblegum Octopi, Ice cream Queens, Flying Leopards. Crazy clothing to inspire you in play!

Leotards, leggings, sweatshirts, accessories and more. Easy to wear and care for with an emphasis on organic cottons and recycled stretch Econyl fabrics.

All lovingly handmade in Abbys East London Studio.

The story behind the business
Meet Flingo & Swollop

I have spent many years creating costumes, my fantastical style brought to life through the physical language of the body. I Specialise in contemporary CIRCUS but for a long time I had wanted to create my own collection. Then, in Spring 2020 the world stopped and Covid took over. I realised what an amazing opportunity this could be; with growing children I had the perfect canvas to experiment on. We spent many hours in the garden dressing up, painting faces, making videos and dancing about. Flingo and Swollop was born. I wanted to create something to match the attitude and vitality of my own girls. Something to make my girls and others feel special amongst all the sadness and perhaps inspire them in their creative play. Rainbow Birds, Bubblegum Octopi, Flying Leopards and many others. Flingo and Swollop is growing steadily. People have quickly latched onto the good vibes, clothes for festivals, parties, holidays on the beach in fact everyday. Luxury Dress Up for cheeky kids of any age. Hand made in my East London studio with an emphasis on quality, longevity and a firm eye on the environmental impact. All garments wash at 30 degrees and hang out to dry within hours. So your children can wash, dry, play, wash, dry, PLAY. Thanks, Abby

founder Credentials

  • 50s Plus Founder
  • Female Founded Business
childrens leopard print leotard with gold galaxy dust. Long sleeves and Rainbow feather effect wings


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