House of Hooray

Holmfirth, West Yorkshire

Hello there, lovely colour enthusiasts and statement-makers!

Welcome to our world of joyful home decor that's designed to sprinkle a little happiness into your space.

At House of Hooray, we believe that every shade, hue, and tone has the power to transform a room and brighten your mood. That's why we hand craft home decor that doesn't just look good but radiates positivity and good vibes.

Our mission is simple: to turn your living space into a canvas of joy.

But we are not just about colours and patterns. We are all about positive sentiment, too. Our designs carry messages of love, laughter, and inspiration. They're a reminder that life is beautiful, and your home should be a testament to that.

All our items are designed and handmade in our Yorkshire studio, they are designed to give you a Dopamine hit; they are conversations starters, mood enhancers, and smile inducers. When your friends and family step into your space, they won't be able to resist asking, "Where did you get that?"

The story behind the business
Meet House of Hooray

Hello I'm Gabrielle, the owner and founder of House of Hooray. When I was little I cut and dyed my Sindy doll’s hair and gave her felt tip pen tattoos, I wrote and illustrated my own books and liked to dress in matching colours. When I was a teenager I begged my mum to paint my bedroom walls black, dyed my hair bright pink and started to make my own clothes. At 16 I went to art school and I reluctantly left at 24 only to become an art teacher. House of Hooray began when I started to make things to decorate my daughters nursery. I wanted her to be surrounded by an abundance colour and joy, I love that when she is asked what her favourite colour is she says ‘Rainbow’. I like the idea that the things that hang on her bedroom walls will become a fond and familiar part of her childhood. Even though she may at some point want to replace them with posters of pop stars and may even one day ask to paint her room black.

founder Credentials

  • Female Founded Business
  • Neurodivergent Business


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