Jayson Lilley standing on a platform covered in graffiti with a camera on a tripod

Jayson Lilley


At the forefront of contemporary printmaking practices, my works incorporate painting and collage techniques which make each print unique and different from the next. My passion for the urban landscape is seen throughout my work, which is recognisable for its architectural focus, capturing familiar landmarks and iconic structures from the metropolis. These dynamic scenes sit against backdrops of expansive skies of gold, copper or silver leaf.

The story behind the business
Meet Jayson Lilley

I moved to London from Devon to study Advertising, my works have always been infused with a bold graphic element that stems from this. The impact of city life has really influenced what I do, and over time it’s evolved to represent a more subtle and nuanced relationship with the varied facets of the urban landscape... most days between the school runs you’ll find me in the studio at the bottom of the garden … covered in paint glue and glitter!

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