London Drying

Hackney, London

Hey there...I'm Marcia. Throughout my life, I think Retail has always been a part of my DNA. As a child, the family routine always included a Saturday visit to the department store where my dad worked. In my last year of high school I was on a programme where I went to school in the morning and worked at Bloomingdale's department store in the afternoon. I also started a little business then-buying costume jewellery from wholesalers in NYC and reselling locally. Fast forward to a move to London and a lengthy career in Visual Merchandising, where I devoted many years trying to ensure shops looked the best they could. With London Drying I've tried to use my aesthetic in a different way. Powered by music and good vibes, I hope my tea towels bring a smile.

The story behind the business
Meet London Drying

I was fortunate to grow up in a city where every major band came to perform. Aside from a few shows where we went as a family, my first big girl concert was to go see the band 'Boston'. The ticket was a 13th birthday gift from my brother and although nothing could be further from my taste in music...and I have to admit to not remembering the show- it started me on my lifelong gig going journey. I feel lucky to live in a city like London that has so much music on offer. The idea of London Drying was conceived during lockdown as an expression of my love of London and music...and I thought what better way to convey it than with bold text. Words To Dry By-it's my way of spreading a bit of music related fun into what can often be the most boring room in the house!

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