Marita Wai , founder and cyanotype artist, self portrait in blue

Marita Wai

NOrthfields, London

Hello, I'm Marita.

I've been an artist all my life but only realised it recently.

I make art using little more than flowers, sunlight and iron salts, which I think is simply magical. The process is called Cyanotype. It results in soothing, Prussian blue and white images.

My art is for flower lovers, nature lovers and everyone seeking to add beauty to your life and enrich your environment. My art is hopeful and optimistic and will inspire a deeper connection to the natural world.

Lovely to meet you x

The story behind the business
Meet Marita Wai

I grew up on a tiny, remote island in the Pacific Northwest of Canada. Between the forest, the sea and my parents' garden, I was completely immersed in nature.

Now, even though I have lived in London for the past twenty years my love of nature has never left me. In fact, it has grown. I began creating my cyanotypes during the first lockdown. Although the world was shutting down, the cherry tree hanging over the fence at the bottom of the garden was a ridiculous riot of pink. I took every new shoot and each bud opening as a sign of hope for the future. On our daily walk I would talk to my young daughters about the plants that we passed, telling them what medicine came from one plant or how another got its name. I wanted to inspire them to have a deeper relationship with nature, to love her as I did.

Now, I use the sustainable photography process of cyanotype to convey my message of hope for the future and environmental stewardship.

founder Credentials

  • Female Founded Business
Marita Wai Studio, botanical art cyanotypes created from flowers, original artwork and botanical X-ray prints


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