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Welcome to My Papercut Forest, where creativity and imagination come to life! My name is Silvina De Vita, and I am a talented designer and paper artist.

My Papercut Forest is my creative playground, where I unleash my imagination and try out new ideas, artworks, and designs. Here, I offer a wide range of handmade artworks, including paper craft kits, miniature paper domes, illustrations, prints, greeting cards, and other unique objects. As the sole designer and creator behind all of my designs, you can trust that each piece is made with love and attention to detail. All of my items are made in Brighton, UK, ensuring high quality and supporting local businesses.

I hope you'll enjoy exploring My Papercut Forest and find something that sparks your creativity!

The story behind the business
Meet My Papercut Forest

I started working with paper in 2012, seeking to combine my illustration skills with my digital design expertise. As a lover of all things handmade, I decided to open an Etsy shop under my name, which proved to be a bit challenging due to my Latin accent (Silvia, Celina, Surina, Sylviana, Silvana Da Silva, that one was my favourite!).

In 2018, I decided to rebrand my business and came up with the perfect name - My Papercut Forest. My mother named me Silvina because she admired the writer Silvina Ocampo, and the name means "from the woods or forest" in Latin. As forests are my favourite place in the world, this name was perfect for my business. The three trees in my logo represent my three children, who are the air to my lungs.

founder Credentials

  • Brown Owned Business
  • Female Founded Business
  • Socially Positive
my papercut forest - Silvina De Vita


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